2&3 Nov, Impakt Festival: Capitalism Catch-22

Free Libraries for Every Soul

Long before the slogan ‘Information wants to be Free’ was coined, the founder of the modern library Melvil Dewey (1851-1931) had a dream. He believed in ‘Free Libraries for Every Soul’. Libraries can considered our first databases and books our first web pages.

‘Free Libraries for Every Soul’ is an ode to books and libraries. This hackathon will contribute to developing the shape, processes and access to books; from printed matter to e-book, and from typography to algorithm. Hacker and cyber-librarian Marcell Mars, accompannied by Open Source Graphic Designer Femke Snelting will host a hackathon whereby graphic designers, hackers, UX designers, graphic designers, independent publishers and programmers can collaborate to develop today’s incarnation for Melvil Dewey’s dream.

You are invited to join!

Bring your machines and your skills, and let us know what you’d like to work on (see the project list below), or even propose a project of your own (and we’ll add you to this list).

Let us know! Sign up by sending us an email: edwin@monnik.org and we’ll put you on the list – you can also join the Hackathon remotely if you’re not able to come to Utrecht, NL


Saturday 2 November
10:00 – 13:00 Briefing & Introduction of projects
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00 – START: 24 hour Hackathon

Sunday 3 November
14:00 – END: 24 hour Hackathon
14:00 – 16:00 prepare presentations
16:00 – 17:00/18:00 Presentation

Location: Kapitaal, Utrecht (http://goo.gl/maps/hBPxB)
We will take good care of you, our particpants. We’ll supply wifi, food, drink, ping-pong table, couches, stretchers. But do bring a sleeping bag if you’d like to crash or power-nap.
Besides that there is hardware present that can be used: two Risograph GR3750 and one Xerox 5500 (bw A4/A3)



This is what we have so far. You can join projects or propose a project of your own. Let us know and we’ll it to the list: edwin@monnik.orgLets Share Books – Calibre Plug-in (link)

Host: Marcell Mars / Robert Ochshorn (remote)
Looking for: Further development of [let’s share books] Calibre plugin, a p2p infrastructure for end-to-end catalog
Optimizing metadata harvesting, librarian chat bot, documenting the plugin etc.

Hosts: Open Source Publishing
Looking for: feedback from authors, editors and designers. We are also looking for Node.js developers that can help us improve the integration with Etherpad.
Etherpad is a collaborative writing tool used to great effect during workshops, conferences and daily work for any text production involving more than one writer. OSP works on an Etherpad based wiki with an edge. You can generate highly stylisable PDF’s directly from the Etherpad output, and maintain a trace of the editing process in the printable result. A first prototype has been put to use in the OSP Summerschool http://relearn.be/ and its accompanying publication.

source: git clone git://git.constantvzw.org/relearn.be.git

Hosted by: Michaela Lakova, Andre Castro, Roel Roscam Abbing, Yoana Buzova Lasse van den Bosch Christensen, and Max Dovey.

Bibliotecha aims to facilitate local distribution and easy maintenance of an autonomous digital collection of books by and for a small community.

It uses a small computer running a GNU/Linux environment to serve books over a local wifi hotspot, and the applications Calibre and Recoll to manage and search the library. Once connected to the hotspot everyone can retrieve or donate books.

We are looking to develop a stable and simple software and hardware bundle that is easy to implement. We will try formulate the simplest possible recipe for the creation of a digital local library in any GNU/Linux machine.

The Joy of Text (Cooking with epub)
Hosted by: Michael Murtaugh, Silvio Lorusso (Institute of Network Cultures)
Looking for: Diversifying the array of digital publishing workflows for epub.
Situated in the “Digital Publishing Toolkit” project the subgroup ‘Book as Directory’ concerns itself with workflows for digital publications that move beyond putting a print PDF online. We want to explore the creative tension between the strict constraints and particularities of epub as an output format and the diversity of possible tools and practices that can be employed to produce them. Starting from specific materials from the Institute of Network Cultures (INC) including publications (in both word processor and page layout formats), web blogs, and video event recordings, we will be using the diversity of the participants knowledge and work practices to produce as many different workflows (and their resulting outcomes) as possible. In doing so, we will make use of a diverse toolbox of free software tools taken from different practices (graphic design, informatics, linguistics, text editing, blogging, library sciences, statistics, reverse engineering). The final outcome will be compiled into an epub cookbook demonstrating a tasty palette of possible digital publishing workflows.


An interface to the Memory of The World
Hosted by: Femke Snelting & Thomas Buxo
Looking for: web designers, interface designers, library enthusiasts; jQuery, Javascript, css
https://library.memoryoftheworld.org is a prototype for the web interface to locally stored digital books that librarians are sharing at any given moment with the help of the Lets Share Books – Calibre Plug-in. The e-pubs and pdfs served on this platform are made available for both consultation and download. We would like to rethink this interface and find a way to expresses the special character of this peer-to-peer library.


A manual for scanning books
Hosted by: Dubravka Sekulić, Tomislav Medak

Text Customisation for Readability
Hosted by: Adwait Sharma
Adjusting font size according to the distance of the user from the screen.



These are the participants so far. Write to edwin@monnik.org to sign up.Marcell Mars
Femke Snelting
Robert Ochshorn (remote from USA)
Michael Murtaugh
Silvio Lorusso
Tim Knapen
Vincent Schipper – The Future
Klara van Duijkeren – The Future
Thomas Buxo
Adwait Sharma
Loraine Furter
Eric Schrijver (OSP)
Ludivine Loiseau (OSP)
Pierre Marchand (OSP)
Magreet Riphagen (INC)
An Mertens (Constant)
Dubravka Sekulić
Tomislav Medak
Dick Reckard – wiki.laglab.org
Kimmy Spreeuwenberg – Digital Publishing Toolkit
Michaela Lakova
Andre Castro / Narratives of Deception
Danny van der Kleij – La Société Anonyme
Lennart Hendriksma
Elizaveta Pritychenko
Yara Veloso
Mike Kokken
Tom Lugtmeijer
Lasse van den Bosch Christensen
Yvy Bakker
Roel Roscam Abbing
Adler Guerrier (remote from USA)
Maarten Hoedjes
Yoana Buzova

Collaborating organizations: Kapitaal (Utrecht), Institute for Network Cultures (Amsterdam), WDKA Crosslab (Rotterdam), Open Source Publishing (Brussels), Constant (Brussels)