We help you understand and navigate the societal and technological forces that shape tomorrow’s society. The World Tree model, a unique historic-futuristic interpretation we developed, allows you to rethink the disruption and transition of today in an insightful fresh context. Our inspiring debriefs and immersive scenario exercises bring the future of your stakeholders to life at a truly tangible and day-to-day level. These exclusive and valuable insights will help you to identify emerging behavior patterns and cultural narratives and anticipate future needs, providing you with the strategic edge you need to co-create the future.

Stay on top of your game

Strategic Briefings

We give future briefings on the technological and cultural developments that will shape tomorrow’s reality. Our future briefings deliver valuable strategic insights in key emerging developments, like the autonomous electric vehicle or the blockchain, and how they will impact your industry or policy area.

Are you future-proof?

Future-Proof Organizing

During this workshop you will test the resilience of your strategy or policy in a futuristic perspective. Together we will interpret and explore the societal trends and technological developments that impact you.

We give these deep dive's together with our partner Springtide

Inspiring and engaging futures

Future Keynotes

We research the societal trends and technological developments that matter to you and create a inspiring keynote presentation that will boost the discussion on your summit, conference or forum. Take a look at the key concepts that we research, and get in touch for bespoke requests.

Co-create relevant futurescapes

Futurecasting Workshop

During our incompany futurecasting workshops we co-create the futurescapes that are relevant for you. These futurescapes explore the emerging societal trends and technological developments that impact your long-term strategic outlook.

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Build a long-term strategic outlook

Futures Research

What are the emerging long-term trends that impact your organization or practice? Our bespoke strategic research will frame and substantiate your strategic outlook. The resulting future scenarios will give you insight and foresight.

Stay informed, stay inspired

Future Briefing

We deliver incompany future briefings on a periodical basis (monthly/quarterly) that inform and inspire. Our briefings ensure that thriving conversations, deliberations and imaginations of the future within your organisation.

Immersive innovation platform

Worldbuilding lab

Our worldbuilding lab is an informative and inspirational strategic platform and/or workshop that support the development of your strategic outlook. It's an effective way to kick-start, animate and open-up your strategic, creative or innovation process.