From 1 mind provoking day, to a 5 day in-depth examination of the forces that will shape the future. In our masterclasses you will learn how to reinterpret the past, re-read the present, and re-imagine the future.

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5 days — weekly


The Masterclass Strategic Awareness is a deeply immersive and inspiring experience where we will teach you about the various societal and technological forces that structure reality today and the possibility of tomorrow. In the masterclass you will discover which narratives and innovations will shape how we relate to work, our various environments and what it means to be human in the future. The class utilizes the World Tree model to understand tomorrow’s business and/or policy atmosphere and what that means for you in the present. You will learn about the fundamental societal choices we collectively face and how this drives today’s technological and political disruption. Ultimately, this masterclass provides a deep strategic mental context that will last a lifetime.

5 days — weekly

Speculative Fiction
and Design

The Masterclass Speculative Fiction and Design is an impactful and motivating experience where we teach you about the historic events that shaped the modern experience and how speculative fiction and design responded. During the masterclass you will discover which cultural narratives and technologies will determine how we relate to historical settings and our current environments. You will use the World Tree model to oversee which stories connect the past, to the present, and to the future. We will also teach you to build layered futuristic worlds where your protagonists (or future customers) will grow up, learn, work, love, befriend and grow old. This masterclass will change the way you think about the future forever.


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Een meesterlijke Masterclass waarin - tot mijn grote opluchting - toekomst scenario’s worden gegenereerd vanuit een grondig en kritisch historisch besef. Inspirerend en intelligent.

Casper Oudshoorn trainingsacteur

De masterclass voelde als een onvergetelijke tijdreis, waarbij je met veel aangedragen voorbeelden en referenties leert om zinnig over toekomsten na te denken. Een absolute aanrader voor iedereen die verder kijkt en denkt dan vandaag!

Stef Bogaerds stedenbouwkundige
Miles away from academic and dry intellectual theorising. Pragmatic and direct, and so fascinating!
Theatermaker #5/2017 (magazine review)