Learn about some of our keynotes that present the concepts that will govern tomorrow (we work with more, this is but a selection). Meet the Homo Romanticus, its main protagonist. Learn about the Circular Society, the simple rulebook of an inclusive world. And explore the Porous City, its sustainable urbanism.

We can tell you about these ideas in keynote presentations, explore them in workshops, or you can learn how they all come together in the one of our masterclasses.

Homo Romanticus

Meet Homo Romanticus, the main protagonist of the 21st century. Learn how he/she relates to him/herself, work, community and the natural environment and how he/she will reshape the world we live in.

Circular Society

The ‘circular society’ takes the concept of the circular economy one step further and introduces a socioeconomic model that is both sustainable AND inclusive. What if not just materials and energy are part of a closed loop but also wealth and power?

Porous City

Explore the Porous City, a design concept of an inclusive city with growing biodiversity. Its ecological model is inspired by coral reefs, one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. Explore a city where man and nature compliment each other.

Temporal Awareness

Free yourself from the immediate needs of today’s accelerating culture and develop a long-term holistic perspective. An inspiring and informative lecture that introduces temporal awareness and holistic thinking as the defining skill for 21st (- 29th) century leadership.