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Monnik does three related things:

  1. Monnik helps organizations identify, understand and navigate the forces that shape tomorrow’s society.
  2. Monnik assists storytellers and innovators with speculative worldbuilding.
  3. And Monnik creates plausible imaginations of sustainable and inclusive societies.

Monnik promises clients valuable strategic information and insights on technological developments and societal trends and an inspirational new framework of understanding today and envisioning the tomorrow. Monnik promises to boost your strategic awareness and substantiate your innovation process.

The origins of Monnik
Monnik is the brain-child of Edwin Gardner and Christiaan Fruneaux. They founded monnik in 2012 because they felt (and still feel) that the world is in desperate need of a holistic imagination of a sustainable and inclusive society.

Chris and Edwin's intuitions led to some intriguing follow-up questions: How can we relate in a sensible and productive way to something that can’t be measured, calculated, scanned or probed: the future? How can we think long-term? Consider the bigger picture? Not get lost in the relentless rapid-fire digital news cycles and twittermania?

Today they feel they have found a way. One that they really want to share.

How Monnik works
What separates Monnik from other trend watchers, futurists, business consultants and technology gurus is our historic-futuristic research methodology, called the World Tree model, and our immersive storytelling and worldbuilding toolkit.

The World Tree model is a think frame we developed that tracks and interprets the narratives that fueled the emergence and transformation of the modern age and enables the extrapolation of these stories into different future scenarios. The World Tree model provides extraordinary insight in the forces that shape our contemporary world.

Christiaan Fruneaux (1976)

As founding partner in Monnik, Christiaan specializes in long-term (and emerging) societal trends and scenario development. He considers himself a writer, traveler and entrepreneur and his previous endeavours include the founding of Partizan Publik and Studio Beirut. He studied Modern Asian History at the University of Amsterdam and he lived and worked in Jakarta, Beirut, Damascus and Tokyo.

Edwin Gardner (1980)

As founding partner in Monnik, Edwin specializes in technology trends and how they impact society, from spatial planning to social engineering. He has worked as an editor, designer, urban researcher and theorist for Archis/Volume and Partizan Publik. He studied architecture at the Technical University Delft and was a fellow at the Jan van Eyk Academy. He lived and worked across the globe from Tokyo to Istanbul.

Our Methodology

Learn more about our research framework and approach to strategy.