Are you excited about how history is present today, what could be in the future, and what we could do to shape it?
Well, then we have much to learn you, young padawan.

Monnik currently has openings for interns

We are mainly looking for students enrolled in art, design and architecture schools or related fields and for students in future studies or related fields. Please note: you have to be enrolled in a school program.

Monnik’s practice revolves around historic-futuristic research, constructing future scenarios and mediating these scenarios through a variety of forms; from workshops to lectures; from exhibitions to publications; and from movies to art-installations. And thus there are two key traits that you need to have:

  1. You need to be a curious researcher, not afraid to dive into a topic, read a couple of books, and crunch some numbers.
  2. You need to be a skilled creative that puts the content first, is interested in communicating ideas, and producing inspiring imaginations of the future.

It is important that you feel comfortable with highly abstract ideas, have a broad outlook on society and are interested in economic, social, psychological and cultural developments and have an awareness of current affairs. You should be able to master an interesting set of creative skills and tools, which can aid in researching, translating, imagining and mediating future visions and social, economic and technological trends. These skills may be writing, visual, design, programming, moving-image, art or sound. And you should be a quick learner that can learn a new skill and/or figure things out on his or her own. Finally you should be fluent in English and/or Dutch, and proficiency of Adobe Creative Suite is a requirement.

Depending on your skills you will work on the following projects:
— Making Future Broadcasts (visuals and design research)
— Making online Video shorts about Future Scenario’s (animation/motion graphics)
— Researching and designing the Utrecht Scenario Machine (mapping/constructing/programming)
— Researching and designing, future scenario for Amsterdam 2050 (visuals and design research)

A minimum internship is three months, and there is no fixed starting date for internships. Days and working hours are agreed upon in negotiation. Presently we have no stipend available. We encourage student from the EU to fund their internship through the Erasmus+ program.

Send your portfolio, CV and cover/motivation-letter to