It is Monnik’s mission to get insight into the forces that shape the future. We consistently research the contemporary social, cultural, economical and technological forcefields of Western society. We look at constants and dynamics of these forces across the last couple of centuries and extrapolate their dynamics up to a hundred years int the future. This provides us a wide and rich historic-futuristic framework to interpret our modern era and the changes within it.

We can help you with:

  • The interpretation of large movements and shifts in society.
  • To look beyond the varied and whimsical vocabulary of change and innovation.
  • Making well founded long term future-scenario’s.
  • Collaboratively develop a strategy together with you for the long term, and not only putting your cards on the next big thing.

We believe that your future-strategy can really make a change when it happens with insight and understanding of the bigger picture.

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Christiaan Fruneaux