This wonderful little (printer friendly) PDF collects signals of the future that we’ve carefully filtered from the depths of the information sea. In other words we’ve distilled the best from our news feeds, collected the writings on our (Facebook) walls and we’ve surfaced obscure blogposts from our bookmark dumps. For your enjoyment.

The Futures Reader will appear more or less weekly. Download it, print it, read it and pass it along.

Download the latest issues (made for the science fiction writing workshop ‘De Geschiedenis van Morgen‘ (The History of Tomorrow)  that we’ve developed in collaboration with SLAA) :
Part I — Science Fiction (NL & EN) [PDF]
Part II — Future Thinking & Worldbuiling (EN) [PDF]

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FR Future thinking & Worldbuiling (EN) [PDF]
FR Sciencefiction (NL & EN) [PDF]
FR #06 [PDF]
FR #05 [PDF]
FR #04 [PDF]

FR #03 [PDF]
FR #02 [PDF]
FR #01 [PDF]