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Project #thickspace

A project with Centrala about the contents of space.

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Project #3kings

A project about how we can reconnect to the stars, the light of the cosmos by which we used to navigate our world.

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Project #babel

A design fiction project into constructing a logographic script for Europe.

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Research #newrom

Tracking narratives and aesthetics sigifying our notion of 'New Romanticism' = Abundance (and its fair distribution) + Romantic values + Sustainability (beyond technical fixes & cautionary tales) + Inclusiveness

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Tracking the #ascarcity scenario

The economic paradigm of scarcity and the policy of perpetually growing production can only be maintained when we protect intrests, guard properties and put up borders. Welcome to the Artificial Scarcity scenario where 'I Have Acess' gives you status.

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Tracking the #abundance scenario

We de facto live in Abundance and the emerging challenge of our time is the fair distributing of economic production. We could do this with (for example) a basic income + a capital tax. Welcome to the Abundance (i.e. there is enough) scenario where 'I Am' gives you status.

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Research #guideproject

Notes for making yourself at home in Tokyo, Warsaw, Lagos and ...

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Tracking Dutch Scifi

A no-filter inventory of the Dutch imaging the future. From childrens book to hollywood.

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Tracking #consciousness

Consciousness is everything, literally. Without it reality would dissapear. How we understand it and how we use it is fundemantal to what we believe, and the world that we make.

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Tracking #futures

The best way to get to the future you want is to start by imagining it and telling stories about it.

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Research #auto

Automation rules the nation. Tracking how robotics and AI are changing our work, home and city.

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Research #data

Signs of the times

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