We research and interpret the long-term social, economic and technological forces that shape our world and how we experience and imagine it and extrapolate them into the future. We translate our research findings in qualitative societal models that guide our understanding of pasts, presents and futures. We do this to understand the societal and technological dimensions of an inclusive and sustainable society. We really want to know what a sustainable and inclusive world could look like and how we can get there. We believe one cannot be accomplished without the other.

Futures & Fiction
The future cannot be measured, probed or scanned. It’s the only place (and time) where the arts, the crafts and the sciences are on equal ground, and where fact and fiction meet. We need all the current knowledge, skills, creativity and vision to make the future come alive. Futurology is all about the ability of positioning yourself in the now – strategically, innovatively, creatively, emotionally and / or politically. In essence, we’re going boldly into the future in order to position us in the present. 

Mission & Objectives
It is our mission to create and disseminate substantiated and inspiring imaginations of sustainable and inclusive futures. It’s our objective to go beyond the cautionary tale and the technological fix in order to help organizations and individuals to understand and utilize the possibilities and probabilities of a world in transition.