Futures Briefing / Scenario

We Are

Me, you and all the plants and animals

Futures Briefing / Scenario



Why Moving Food-Production into the Technosphere is Inevitable

Futures Briefing / Zeitgeist



Why a sustainable

future will be dirty

Future Briefing / Futurology

Fact Follows Fiction

(and Money)

A crude guide to predicting the future

Future Briefing / Zeitgeist


End of


What if we find out that the mind is real and reality is an illusion?

To shape the future, one needs to understand change

Monnik empowers organisations to think intelligently about the future. Enabling you to better read the dynamics of transition and disruption, by providing trend-analysis, insights into the dominant stories of our time, and the imagination to inspire innovation and identification of emergent markets.

We work from fact to vision, and can support you in strategizing for your organization's future with confidence.

Deepen your insight into how the world is changing

Learn to identify, understand and navigate the historical forces that shape and give meaning to our modern society. Wether you are a strategist or storyteller, our immersive masterclasses provide you the tools to read and interpret the signs of our time. Allowing you to think with insight, and act with foresight.

Experiences from masterclass participants

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"Een meesterlijke Masterclass waarin - tot mijn grote opluchting - toekomst scenario’s worden gegenereerd vanuit een grondig en kritisch historisch besef. Inspirerend en intelligent."

Casper Oudshoorn trainingsacteur

"De masterclass voelde als een onvergetelijke tijdreis, waarbij je met veel aangedragen voorbeelden en referenties leert om zinnig over toekomsten na te denken. Een absolute aanrader voor iedereen die verder kijkt en denkt dan vandaag!"

Stef Bogaerds stedenbouwkundige
"Miles away from academic and dry intellectual theorising. Pragmatic and direct, and so fascinating!"
Theatermaker #5/2017 (magazine review)

To connect the dots,
get the long view

Often organizations are forced into short-term decision making, while our time of transition and disruption requires long-term thinking, relevant information and the ability to connect the dots.

We offer you a range of products and services —from briefings and future scenario's to bespoke consultancy— that can empower you to make the right decisions, reduce uncertainty, and make you feel confident and inspired for the future.

How to make a sustainable and inclusive society?

Monnik was founded by Christian Fruneaux and Edwin Gardner out of a desire to go beyond critiquing the status quo, and towards articulating viable proposals for a sustainable and inclusive world. Our futurology is born out understanding the world both holistically and analytically, and a sense of urgency to change it for the better.


Imagination rooted in research

OUR 4 I's

1. Providing you concrete  information about trends, and what they mean for you.

2. In-depth interpretation of how multiple trends interact, and will impact your sector.

3. Holistic imaginations of future worlds that inspire action towards a future you want to realize.

4. Building coherent and realistic future worlds as a framework for developing innovative policy, products and services.

Explore tomorrow through worldbuilding and storytelling

Join us in developing speculative stories and worlds that enable you to explore the forces that will shape the experience of your clients, employees and stakeholders tomorrow.

Worldbuilding is a science fiction technique for creating comprehensive, rich and immersive worlds. The power of this approach reaches beyond telling of stories. Since science fiction worldbuilders are able to preconceives what is later materialized through design and innovation.

How to investigate the unknowable?

Because the future is the only place that cannot be measured, calculated, probed or scanned, we need all the knowledge, imagination and vision to make it come to life. In our lab we explore new research methods, experimental storytelling techniques, and multi-disciplinary collaborations.