We make future scenarios and build fictional worlds. We are driven by a deep curiosity to understand the forces and imaginations that shape our society and the future of mankind. Our expertise is systems thinking, storytelling and world building. Our work is dedicated to bringing a inclusive and sustainable world closer to reality.



We help organizations to strategize with insight and expand and deepen their understanding of the modern world. We help them to interpret our current period of transition and disruption and develop a meaningful and substantiated vision for the future and a resilient roadmap to get there.



We help companies, schools and brands to define the frameworks within meaningful design, innovation and product development can happen. We draft pertinent briefs and introduce relevant problems to solve based on our future scenario’s and elaborate fictional worlds. In other words, we help to ask the right questions to creatives, designer and engineers.


World Building

We help other storytellers in film, television, literature and gaming to build rich and layered worlds. From its socio-economic foundations to its flora and fauna. From subcultures to moral dilemma’s. Ranging from recognizable worlds to far-flung universes.